Hey, I'm Sam Khan.

We often get in our own way, slowing our progress. In my work, I help people notice what's possible and navigate what stands between them and their goals.

I currently work as a strategic advisor in the energy sector, so I’m not taking on additional consulting or coaching clients at this time. However, I can still support you with these 21 questions to get you started on whatever you're up to.
My personal research investigates how simple rules can create substantial changes within complex systems. In the same way that thousands of birds create intricate murmurations in the sky by following a few fundamental rules, slight changes in people's thinking and behavior can vastly enhance overall system performance.
What I Believe:
+ Everything can be viewed as a system. Each system is perfectly designed to achieve its current results. To get different results, you simply need to change some part of the system.
+ If you can't explain it as a process, then you don't really understand it. To gain clarity, make your mental models visible. Use a whiteboard or notebook—it works every time. Check out Tom Wujec’s 8-minute explanation here.
+ Stay curious. It's the key to innovation and the antidote to blame.
+ Respect, listen, help, and appreciate each other.
+ Start where you are. Try stuff.
+ Have fun. Enjoy the journey.